Local Water Run-Off from Open Coal Bed Seams

Let It Sit

To members of the Jasper Utility Service Board concerning the Jasper power plant, if biomass or more coal is the future then let it sit. Let it sit, if our children are going to be subjected to disease, asthma and chronic breathing problems. Let it sit and turn it into the park before you choose to burn any bit of biomass or coal; if we burn it we have to breathe it, we would rather that you let it sit.

Let it sit. This land’s once rich soil, this people’s honorable pride and heavenly skies up above all cry out, “let it sit.” Don’t burn any bit of biomass or coal. Instead, serve your community well and insist on legitimate green possibilities. Harness the sun’s rays, capture the sky’s wind, use the land’s water flow but don’t burn any bit of biomass or coal- we don’t want to breathe it.

We are a voice that won’t sit in silence. We are your neighbors and we are concerned Hoosiers.

~Pastor Christopher Breedlove